Introducing the Pinning Place Studios

Here it is- a crafter's place to build more on our community!

Knowing your neighbors makes for a "Blue Ribbon" society. The Pinning Place Studios & Community Learning Center is a place where learning self-sufficient life skills can be accomplished and shared with one another. This will allow us the liberty to be self-reliant and not have to depend on hand-outs or expensive lifestyles. When this is happening, the community as a whole is better off.

Our younger generation does not have "Shop" nor basic HomeEc in every school anymore. Even 4-H has the funding it needs due to declined participants.

We need to pass knowledge down "by hand".

As beneficial as the internet has become, unfortunately it is NOT the best way to pass the best Craftsmen years of techniques down through the ranks. Our younger generations are hungry for this. There are many adults that will be consumers that want to learn these skills as well.

This makes sense. We need this.

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